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“Nature Doesn’t Hold Back”. Anna Ruby Falls. © 2019 Catherine Jo Morgan

“Nature Doesn’t Hold Back”. Anna Ruby Falls. © 2019 Catherine Jo Morgan


Making Original Art Available

Are you an artist interested in the possibility of participating in getting original artwork to people and places with little or no art budget?

How the HDA Fund works:

Like a regular art gallery, HDA gives the artist 50% of the artwork's regular retail price, unless the artist is happy to receive less than that. Shipping or delivery costs are covered by mutual agreement: sometimes HDA covers them, sometimes the artist agrees to do so, and sometimes the recipient can cover them.

Who are the artists?

The list of artists is curated by the current Artist in Residence. Right now this position is filled by Catherine Jo Morgan. Applications are welcome: fill out the form below.

Note that the list of artists is kept confidential by HDA, though it’s fine if an artist chooses to share that he or she is participating in this program. It’s fine, for example, to add participation to your CV or resume.

HDA serves as a matchmaker, with the recipient also having the right to keep the transaction private.

Which works of art?

Participating artists need not make all their work available, but the artwork offered for subsidized distribution needs to be of the same quality as the artist’s work displayed elsewhere, unless the artist notes otherwise. (It’s true that someone else may like work which its maker does not!)

Commissions are also a possibility.

Apply here:

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Interests and Permissions
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Thank you!

All the information entered above will be kept confidential unless you give permission to share it.

We will send an email confirming that we received your application, and will let you know as soon as possible whether or not we’d like you to participate at this time.

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