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Donations to HDA are fully tax-deductible as charitable contributions.

Human Development has been a 501(c)(3) educational and charitable nonprofit organization registered in the state of Georgia since 1974, with donations ruled tax-deductible by the Internal Revenue Service since 1977.

Even giving one dollar matters! Note that it’s fine to donate to HDA and also request subsidized artwork and/or apply to participate as an artist.

Donations to HDA are used for:

  • Full or partial scholarships for paintings, otherwise unaffordable. For example, pocket paintings can be given to homeless people, as reminders of enduring love -- just as they are. Desk icons can be given to people in hospice care. Paintings can be given to waiting rooms at clinics and other nonprofit organizations with limited or no funds for art. Note that HDA keeps two confidential lists: one list of artists interested in participating, plus a list of people and places requesting free or subsidized paintings.

  • Matching funding for grants for public art projects -- contemplative installations, community art projects, murals, and public workshops.

  • Scholarships for groups, workshops, and individual sessions in creative power, applied to all aspects of life.

Amazon Smile:

When you buy from through this Amazon Smile link, then Amazon automatically donates a tiny part of your purchase price to Human Development Associates, Inc. This adds up over time. If you put the link to Amazon Smile on your desktop, phone, and tablet, it will be easy and automatic to donate in this way. And it will mean that your every purchase helps spread love over the world.

Donate money directly, via credit card or PayPal:

This link takes you to the donation form. Even a donation of a dollar helps. Someone, somewhere, will be looking at a painting or feeling better about life in a workshop, partly because of your gift. We will keep your donation and contact information confidential.

Donate to HDA Scholarships & Public Art Projects

Or donate by check

Of course it's fine to send a check to Human Development Associates, Inc., at 579 Stonebank Road, Clarkesville, GA 30523. You will receive a written receipt to verify your tax deduction -- along with huge thanks.

Every donation, large or small, is significant. Thank you!

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