Core Values

Love and imagination:

We strive to choose love and imagination rather than force and manipulation.

Thick deep rich time:

We try to provide experiences that transform the sense of time so that thin, rushed “not enough” time becomes thick, deep, and rich. We believe that some moments are eternal.

Beginner's Mind: Continued discovery

We keep learning and sharing what we learn. We try to stay aware that all that we know is just a beginning and that much of it will need discarding. We revise, transform, ask, live questions, endure the angst of not knowing, enjoy the delight of discovery.

Normative, not normal:

Understanding that “normal” is simply what's average and/or culturally defined, we strive to facilitate the normative human development that's built into human beings in relation to the larger process of the world. 

Empathic, loving responses:

It's in response to caring, honest and fully empathic responses that normative growth occurs. Love is the necessary condition for human beings to be in the process of becoming whole.

Process, not prescription:

We strive to provide experiences that engage people in their own normative process of becoming more fully themselves, as authentic individuals vibrantly alive. We avoid trying to lead others toward any prescribed "right way to end up." We choose the risk of trusting process. 


We provide strict confidentiality, and act with honesty and transparency. We do the best we can. We ask for help when we need it. Our aim is to give more than is expected, and to infuse every contact with respect, appreciation and love.


We serve without regard to income, gender, race, age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, or spiritual path. 


We strive to increase the true freedom that's active in the world, without imposing our own ideas about freedom on others. The only way we can act within this contradiction is to embrace it as a paradox and to strive, personally, for the freedom of perfect obedience to God.  

Interfaith service:

We serve people of any faith and of none. While HDA is based on theory and operating principles that came out of Christian faith, we never impose this on staff, volunteers, supporters, clients or anyone who collaborates with us. We seek dialogue and collaboration with people of any faith or of none.

Deep ecology – Re-awakening the World:

We do our best to open to the full aliveness and perception and “subject-hood” of all our co-inhabitants on Earth. In addition to human beings and other animals, we mean co-inhabitants such as trees and stones, and cars and tables and toasters. We strive for “I-Thou” relationships with all co-inhabitants, respecting their sacred aliveness. 

We see this as doing our small parts toward what some call a “re-enchanted” world.  This is the state of being that Owen Barfield calls “full participation” – in a world beyond the modern world of dead objects. It might remind you of C.S. Lewis' world of Narnia, and of the “more beautiful world” that Charles Eisenstein describes. We respect the wild unknown – in the world, in other beings, in ourselves

Embracing imperfection:

We remember that we're imperfect, broken, yet can serve others and serve the world – which is a beautiful mystery.

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