About Us

Human Development Associates, Inc. (HDA)

We're a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization.

HDA was founded in 1974 by psychotherapist and pastoral counselor Marjorie L. Felder (1921-2011), to facilitate positive human development. Over the years, HDA staff have provided individual sessions, personal growth groups, and consultation to other nonprofit organizations. HDA has developed training programs for interns and volunteers for working with individuals and groups on a professional level.

HDA projects have included a meditation garden, retreat center and more recently, art programs. Our aim continues to be to provide income-scaled programs that enhance human potential. Our aim and core values stay steady. Our programs continue to develop. Stay tuned!

Contributions to HDA are Tax-deductible

Human Development Associates, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Georgia as a charitable organization to which contributions are tax-deductible. Most programs are supported by the fees offered by clients. Individual donations assist with scholarships, projects to make art affordable to all, public art projects, and for matching funds for grants.

HDA Board and Staff

Catherine Jo Morgan (Cathy) - Current President of Human Development Associates, Inc.

HDA has always had a small, agile Board of Directors, carefully chosen by Marge Felder so that HDA's vision, theory and core values would be maintained.

Catherine Jo Morgan, who has worked with HDA since 1978, is the current President and Secretary.

Cathy's academic and professional training is in social psychology, focused on facilitating personal growth and organizational and social change. 

As Catherine Harkins, she worked with HDA in Atlanta, GA -- developing programs, training interns and volunteers, and consulting to other nonprofit organizations.

She has also been an artist-blacksmith, and is currently a painter. She lives in the woods near Clarkesville, GA, and provides HDA its current office space. Find out more about her at her art website.

Nancy Witham, HDA Financial Officer

The Financial Officer is Nancy Witham. Her other job is as a regional training manager for Comcast University. She lives in Stockbridge, GA in the Atlanta metro area.

Find out more about her at LinkedIn.



What's Next?

Articles on facilitating positive human development

In addition to recruiting additional Board members, we plan to edit and publish Marge Felder's writings on facilitating positive human development. Catherine Morgan will have some things to say on this topic, too. Other former HDA staff members may also want to contribute articles.

New Services and Programs

We're developing new programs, especially related to ways artwork can facilitate human development -- but not limited to this by any means. New personal growth groups are on the horizon as well. 

Alzheimer's and Joy

There's a growing need for a deeper understanding of how persons with memory and cognition issues can still have a joyful quality of life -- and how the people who love and care for them can share in this joy. We'll see how the writings and services on this topic evolve.


We're very open to suggestions and collaboration. Take a look at the 12 core values; see if they resonate with you. Send us your ideas, however wild they may seem. We love the wild; that's why we're based now in the woods of northeast Georgia!

Board Expansion

We are contacting potential board members who knew and understood Marge's work well, and who are equipped to help carry out programs based on our values and processes. HDA has no paid staff at present; as HDA evolves this may change. 

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Marjorie L. Felder (Marge) founded Human Development Associates, Inc. in Decatur, GA and continued it after moving to NE Georgia, where she often saw clients in her woodworking shop, in front of the woodstove there.